João Oliveira

  • astrocyte
  • glia
  • neural circuits
  • electrophysiology
  • molecular biology
  • neuro anatomy
  • behavior
  • psychiatric disorders
  • depression

João Filipe Oliveira (PhD) graduated as Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2004, at the Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Porto. He obtained his PhD degree in 2009 from the Medicine Faculty – University of Leipzig, in Germany under the supervision of Prof. Peter Illes.
João Filipe Oliveira received a Marie Curie Fellowship to integrate the Institute of Health and Life Sciences Research, University of Minho, where he is currently Principal Investigator on astrocytic involvement in circuit modulation and behavior, in health and disease. As a PI he has attracted over 1.2 million Euro to conduct his research team.
João Filipe Oliveira is last/corresponding author in several scientific reports. He has delivered talks at national and international congresses and laboratories. He has established fruitful international collaborations and he has been supervising several post-doc and MSc and PhD students. He is regularly invited to review grant proposals and manuscripts for both research agencies and scientific journals.
João Filipe Oliveira is the coordinator of the Portuguese Glial Network, and he is a member of the Portuguese Society of Neuroscience, FENS and SfN.
João Filipe Oliveira has been awarded research grants, fellowships, and contracts, namely the DAAD PhD Scholarship (2005) and Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (2011).

Scientific Highlights

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Projects: 8 as PI (4 ongoing) – 1.2+ million euro

2019: Travel Grant Marie Curie Alumni Association
2019: IBRO/PERC Grant – ICVS Satellite Meeting
2012: Marie Curie Intereuropean Fellowship

Patent: PPP117831 (provisional)