Leando A. Aguiar

  • electrophysiology
  • reward
  • aversion
  • syncronization

Graduated in Biology from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE). Master and Doctor in Animal Bioscience also from UFRPE. In the master’s degree, he studied the effects of ionizing radiation on electrophysiological activity, with emphasis on the use of mathematical tools as biomarkers of exposure to ionizing radiation. During his PhD, he studied the process of synchronization between cortical regions during a time task. He was a temporary professor of biophysics at the Federal University of Paraíba. He recently joined the Reward & Aversion Lab, led by Ana João Rodrigues, located at ICVS/School of Medicine, University of Minho. Interested in electrophysiological recordings in awake animals in the nucleus accumbens and  laterodorsal tegmental nucleus, amongst other brain regions.

Scientific Highlights

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[3] L. A. Aguiar, N. A. de Vasconcelos, G. C. Tunes, A. J. Fontenele, R. de Albuquerque Nogueira, M. B. Reyes, P. V. Carelli, Low-cost open hardware system for behavioural experiments simultaneously with electrophysiological recordings, HardwareX 8 (2020) e00132.
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