Marcelina Węzik

  • reward circuit
  • fiber photometry
  • brain mapping
  • brain mapping

I own a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, that I obtained at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. After the Master’s exchange at the University of Barcelona, Spain I realized my passion for Neuroscience and I applied for International Neuroscience Master at the University of Trieste, Italy where I graduated in 2022. My Master thesis internship was performed at ICVS (Ana João Rodrigues team) where with the use of a fiber photometry system I aimed to understand endogenous opioid release within the reward system. Currently, I continue gaining experience in the same team as a research fellow. My scientific interest is focused on the encoding of reward and motivation and malfunctions that occur within the reward circuit that lead to maladaptive behaviours such as depression or addiction.

Scientific Highlights


2022 – Travel grant to attend Neuronus Conference