PhD4Moz is an ERASMUS project taking place in Mozambique. An initiative that counts on the partnership of Karolinska Institutet (KI) of TecMinho and the voluntary support of ORPHEUs. In Mozambique the institutions participating are the Eduardo Mondlane University, the Pedagogical University of Maputo and the National Institute of Health of Mozambique. This project’s main objective is to improve the training of doctoral students in Health Sciences in Mozambique. The project is prepared to support at least 150 doctoral students and 70 supervisors.
Capacity building to strengthen doctoral training in Health Sciences is urgently needed in Mozambique. The country has made notable efforts to create conditions to train and retain qualified people at the highest level, capable of generating knowledge to help solve the country’s health problems. This initiative aims to promote this training in Mozambican institutions that play a central role in doctoral training in Health Sciences. The accumulated experience of European partners in the development of higher education will be captured and adapted to promote excellent doctoral training in Health Sciences in Mozambique.
The target groups that will directly benefit from the success of this proposal are: i) PhD students in Health Sciences, who develop their research projects in Mozambican partner institutions (registered in Mozambican universities or abroad); ii) supervisors; iii) teachers directly involved in doctoral training (European trainers will always work in pairs with Mozambican colleagues in different training activities).

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