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Name: Teresa Sofia Teixeira Rito

Office: I3.02

School Phone: +351 604 834

Email: teresarito@med.uminho.pt






I hold a degree in Biology (2004, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto), a masters degree in Analytical Bioscience (2006, School of Applied Sciences and Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Huddersfield/Leeds, UK) and a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology (2012, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK). I was a research fellow during 2 years in IPATIMUP (2011-2013), Porto, working with human evolution and mitochondrial DNA.

My past research focused in two very distinct areas. One was related with using human DNA and sophisticated phylogenetic and population genetic tools to infer aspects of the human past (Archaeogenetics). The other aimed at testing a number of compounds targeting a specific component of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis respiratory electron transfer chain.

I am currently a post-doc at the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, University of Minho and my current research activity is to understand and characterise some parameters of the immunological response to M. tuberculosis infection, focused in the hypothetical increased susceptibility of diabetic patients to this pathogen.


Active tuberculosis in diabetic patients: biological basis for the increased susceptibility  

Selected Publications

Brandão A, Eng KK, Rito T, Cavadas B, Bulbeck D, Gandini F, Pala M, Mormina M, Hudson B, White J, Ko TM, Saidin M, Zafarina Z, Oppenheimer S, Richards MB, Pereira L, Soares P. "Quantifying the legacy of the Chinese Neolithic on the maternal genetic heritage of Taiwan and Island Southeast Asia". Hum Genet. 2016 Apr;135(4):363-76.

Soares P, Trejaut J, Rito T, Cavadas B, Hill C, Eng KK, Mormina M, Brandão A, Fraser RM, Wang T, Loo J, Snell C, Ko T, Amorim A, Pala M, Macaulay V, Bulbeck D, Wilson JF, Gusmão L, Pereira L, Oppenheimer S, Lin M, Richards MB. "Resolving the ancestry of Austronesian-speaking populations". Hum Genet. 2015 (accepted)

Gomes V, Pala M, Salas A, Álvarez-Iglesias V, Amorim A, Gómez-Carballa A, Carracedo Á, Clarke DJ, Hill C, Mormina M, Shaw MA, Dunne DW, Pereira R, Pereira V, Prata MJ, Sánchez-Diz P, Rito T, Soares P, Gusmão L, Richards MB. "Mosaic maternal ancestry in the Great Lakes region of East Africa". Hum Genet. 2015 Sep;134(9):1013-27.

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