André M. Miranda

  • Lipids
  • Endosomes
  • Lysosomes
  • Alzheimer's
  • MRI
  • Autophagy

“I am a MD/PhD currently based at University of Minho, Portugal. I conducted my PhD studies at Columbia University between 2014 and 2017 during which I specialized in topics inherent to neurodegeneration, including membrane trafficking, lipidomics and cognitive neuroscience. The main focus of my research has been the role of phosphoinositides and lipid trafficking in neurodegeneration. I specifically showed that neurons regulate exosome secretion of undigested lysosomal cargo in response to endolysosomal defects. At present, I am enrolled as a Neuroradiology resident at Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho and am currently dedicated to populational studies of healthy and pathological brain aging, with special focus on vascular and Alzheimer-related pathologies.”

Scientific Highlights

1. Miranda, A. M., Ashok, A., Chan, R. B., Zhou, B., Xu, Y., McIntire, L. B., Area-Gomez, E., Di Paolo, G., Duff, K. E., Oliveira, T. G., & Nuriel, T. (2022). Effects of APOE4 allelic dosage on lipidomic signatures in the entorhinal cortex of aged mice. Translational psychiatry, 12(1), 129.
2. Miranda, A. M., Bravo, F. V., Chan, R. B., Sousa, N., Di Paolo, G., & Oliveira, T. G. (2019). Differential lipid composition and regulation along the hippocampal longitudinal axis. Translational psychiatry, 9(1), 144.
3. Miranda, A. M., Herman, M., Cheng, R., Nahmani, E., Barrett, G., Micevska, E., Fontaine, G., Potier, M. C., Head, E., Schmitt, F. A., Lott, I. T., Jiménez-Velázquez, I. Z., Antonarakis, S. E., Di Paolo, G., Lee, J. H., Hussaini, S. A., & Marquer, C. (2018). Excess Synaptojanin 1 Contributes to Place Cell Dysfunction and Memory Deficits in the Aging Hippocampus in Three Types of Alzheimer’s Disease. Cell reports, 23(10), 2967–2975.
4. Miranda, A. M., Lasiecka, Z. M., Xu, Y., Neufeld, J., Shahriar, S., Simoes, S., Chan, R. B., Oliveira, T. G., Small, S. A., & Di Paolo, G. (2018). Neuronal lysosomal dysfunction releases exosomes harboring APP C-terminal fragments and unique lipid signatures. Nature communications, 9(1), 291.


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