Neide Vieira

  • Proteostasis
  • synapse
  • molecular biology
  • neurodegeneration
  • reward circuit
  • glutamatergic transmission
  • stress
  • behavior

Neide Vieira has gained strong experience in cellular & molecular biology, and related fields such as Life Sciences, working in distinct labs in Europe and in the USA: IMS, Aberdeen (UK); Institute Jacques Monod, École Normale Supérieure, Paris (France); NYU, NY (USA); IMM, Lisbon and ICVS, Braga, (PT). Overall, she has been highly dedicated in studying the molecular mechanisms underlying pathophysiological processes, such as those occurring in cancer, infectious & neurological disorders, in a quest to identify disease-related molecular biomarkers and therapeutical approaches. In parallel she has been actively engaged in the development of new generation diagnostic tools to improve personalized healthcare and therapeutics. For that purpose she has been using a wide array of organisms (fungi, protozoan parasites, rodents, nematodes, humans), as well as in vitro approaches, and biosensors. NV has a marked knowledge on molecular and biochemical analyses, behavioral characterization and imaging. She’s proficient in the collection, organization and management of large data sets and statistical analysis. She has participated in several research projects, including those involving human studies (translational research), and she is a 2016 NARSAD Young Investigator. NV has supervised 25 students, attracted > 110k in funding as a PI and of >220K as IPLEXMED co-founder and CMO. NV has published 16 manuscripts (8-Q1 journals) IF=71(+3 in preparation). NV has also been responsible for public relations and science communication/outreach activities in NYU, in ICVS and IPLEXMED. NV is a team work oriented scientist and bioentrepreneur with validated communication and leadership skills.

Scientific Highlights

1. Vieira, N.§, Rito, T., Correia-Neves, M. and Sousa, N. (2021). “Sorting out Sorting nexins role in the nervous system: an evolutionary overview and implications for pathology”. Molecular Neurobiology 58:4070–4106. DOI: 10.1007/s12035-021-02388-9; §Corresponding author: Neide Vieira. IF (2020) – 5,59 (Q1).
2. Vieira, N., Bessa, C., Rodrigues, A.J., Marques, P., Chan, FY., Xavier de Carvalho, A., Correia-Neves, M. and Sousa, N (2018). “Caenorhabditis elegans SNX3 mutation leads to impaired development and behavioral deficits”. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. 75(11):2027-2044. DOI: 10.1007/s00018-017-2719-2; IF (2018) – 7,04 (Q1).
3. Aslani, S., Vieira, N., Marques, F., Costa, P., Sousa, N. and Palha, J. (2015) ” The effect of high fat diet on rat’s mood, feeding behavior and response to stress”. Translational Psychiatry. 5:e684. DOI: 10.1038/tp.2015.178 IF (2015) – 5,538 (Q1).
4. Vieira, N.*, Deng, F-M.*, Liang, F-X., Liao, Y., Chang, J., Zhou, G., Zheng, W., Simon,J-P., Ding, M., Wu, X-R., Romih, R., Kreibich, G. and Sun, T-T. (2014) “SNX31: A Novel Sorting Nexin Associated with the Uroplakin-Degrading Multivesicular Bodies in terminally Differentiated Urothelial Cells”. PLoS ONE. 9(6):e99644. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099644 *Both authors contributed equally to the work. IF (2014) – 3,234 (Q1).
5. Becuwe, M*, Vieira, N.*, Lara, D., Gomes, J., Cunha, C., Haguenauer-Tsapis, R., Casal, M., Paiva, S. and Léon, S. (2012) “A molecular switch on an arrestin-like protein relays glucose signaling to transporter endocytosis”. Journal of Cell Biology, 196:247-59 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201109113 *Both authors contributed equally to the work. IF (2012) – 10,822 (Q1).
6. Relevant Patents and Applications- Co-inventor of ” GRAPHENE-BASED MALARIA SENSOR, METHODS AND USES THEREOF”; Provisional Patent Application – 117090 H. Filed 26 Feb 2021. PCT filled Feb 2022.
2017 NARSAD Young Investigator Grant (Brain & Behavior Research Foundation).
CMO/Business Developer and Co-founder of IPLEXMED, a spin off company that develops the new generation of fast, portable, and connectable laboratory-grade diagnostic devices.
2022 Winner of “7th Startup Braga Acceleration program” 2022 – IPLEXMED New Generation Diagnostics. IPLEXMED. CEO & Co-founder
2022 Winner of the BfK – Born from Knowledge Award from ANI, Agência Nacional de Inovação – IPLEXMED. CMO & Co-founder while finalist of the AIIA – Altice International Innovation Award. IPLEXMED. CMO & Co-founder