Rita Nóbrega Amaral Martins

  • Chronic stress
  • GR
  • neuroinflamation
  • ER Stress
  • UPR

I am a master student enrolled in the Molecular Genetics master program of School of Sciences, University of Minho. Currently, I am developing my master project entiteled “Therapeutic potential of TUDCA in stress-related brain pathologies”, under supervision of Joana Silva and Sara Duarte-Silva. This project aims to study the potential therapeutical effects of TUDCA against stress-related brain pathologies in vitro and in vivo as well as to further understand TUDCA relation to GR, its role as a modulator of neuroinflammation, ER stress and UPR, and its impact on gene expression.
Since a biochemistry student I’ve been interested in the genetic mechanisms that regulate cell function and while studying more deply molecular genetics during my first year in the master program, I’ve became interested in translating basic molecular mechanisms of receptor activation into neuronal function, studying chronic stress and new possible therapeutic strategies, with old drugs.