Sara Granja

  • Monocarboxylate transporters
  • CD147
  • Tumor associated macrophages
  • Lactate

Sara Granja (SG), is a pos-doctoral research at ICVS/3Bs, University of Minho since January of 2014 and Invited Assistant Professor, at Escola Superior de Saúde from Instituto Politécnico do Porto since 2020. SG is graduated in Pathological Cytological and Thanatology Anatomy, concluded her master thesis in 2009 and her PhD in Health Sciences at the School of Medicine from the University of Minho in 2013. During her scientific career, SG provided significant contributions to the research field of oncobiology with a special focus on tumor metabolism, namely MCTs/CD147 as potential therapeutic targets in solid tumors. Besides ICVS, SG had the opportunity to work in two top leading groups in the area of tumor metabolism and inflammation, one led by Jacques Pouysségur (IRCAN, Nice) and other by Massimiliano Mazzone (VIB, Leuven). Recently SG started to expand the expertise to a new field of research the OncoImmunology. Her research topic is focused on elucidating how tumor-infiltrating immune cells are educated by the tumor microenvironment, with a particular focus on metabolism. SG (h-index =17) has authored or co-authored 33 papers in international peer-reviewed international journals and 4 book chapters and has the opportunity to supervise several students (Bachelor, Master and PhD students and medical students training within the MD/PhD program. SG interested research topics are cancer metabolism and imunometabolism.

Scientific Highlights

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2- Nathália Ferreira, Inês Mesquita, Fátima Baltazar, Ricardo Silvestre, Sara Granja*. IL-17A and IL-17F orchestrate macrophages to promote lung cancer. Cell Oncol (Dordr) 2020 Aug;43(4):643-654
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