Stéphanie Oliveira

  • Machado-Joseph disease
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Proteostasis
  • Serotonin
  • C. elegans

Stéphanie Oliveira holds a B.Sc. in Applied Biology (2010) and a M.Sc. in Molecular Genetics (2012) by the School of Sciences at the University of Minho. In 2022, she obtained a Ph.D. in Ageing and Chronic Diseases from an Inter-University Doctoral Program between the University of Minho, University of Coimbra, and the NOVA University of Lisbon. Her Ph.D. thesis was developed at the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS) and supervised by Andreia Teixeira-Castro (Ph.D., Assistant Researcher at the University of Minho), and co-supervised by Prof. Ana Luísa Carvalho (Ph.D., Associate Professor at the University of Coimbra). Her PhD work mainly focused on the role of serotonergic signaling as a therapeutic approach in Machado-Joseph disease (MJD)/spinocerebellar ataxia 3 (SCA3).
Currently, she is a post-doctoral research fellow, and her main research interest is to understand the molecular mechanism underlying neurodegenerative diseases, namely MJD and related disorders. For her work, Stéphanie makes use of mouse and C. elegans animal models to study specific pharmacotherapeutic approaches and to uncover their molecular mechanisms.
Stéphanie has published 3 peer-reviewed articles with an accumulated impact factor of 20.193 and H-Index of 2 (Researcher ID), including one publication in one leading journal in the field (Brain, IF = 10.103).

Scientific Highlights

Da Silva, J. D., Oliveira, S., Pereira-Sousa, J., Teixeira-Castro, A., Costa, M. D., & Maciel, P. (2020). Loss of egli-1, the Caenorhabditis elegans Orthologue of a Downstream Target of SMN, Leads to Abnormalities in Sensorimotor Integration. Molecular Neurobiology, 57(3), 1553–1569.

Esteves, S.*, Oliveira, S.*, Duarte-Silva, S., Cunha-Garcia, D., Teixeira-Castro, A., & Maciel, P. (2019). Preclinical Evidence Supporting Early Initiation of Citalopram Treatment in Machado-Joseph Disease. Molecular Neurobiology, 56(5), 3626–3637.

Teixeira-Castro, A.*, Jalles, A.*, Esteves, S.*, Kang, S., da Silva Santos, L., Silva-Fernandes, A., Neto, M. F., Brielmann, R. M., Bessa, C., Duarte-Silva, S., Miranda, A., Oliveira, S., Neves-Carvalho, A., Bessa, J., Summavielle, T., Silverman, R. B., Oliveira, P., Morimoto, R. I., & Maciel, P. (2015). Serotonergic signalling suppresses ataxin 3 aggregation and neurotoxicity in animal models of Machado-Joseph disease. Brain: a Journal of Neurology, 138(Pt 11), 3221–3237.


Serotonin signaling and proteostasis

This project addresses an unmet medical need- the lack of effective treatment for any of the aging-associated neurodegenerative diseases. Due to the worldwide aging of the population, by 2050 it is expected that over 135 million people…

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