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National and International Mobility Opportunities for UMinho Students, Faculties and Staff

The ICVS accepts students/researchers interested in developing internships within the following frameworks:

Erasmus+ Programme: key action 131

It allows the mobility of students (for study and internship purposes), recent graduates (for internship purposes), post-doctoral fellows (for study and internship purposes), and faculty and staff from/to countries of the program (EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia).

Erasmus+ Programme: key action 171 (ICM)

It allows mobility of students (for study purposes), faculty and staff from/to Partner Countries. In this case, mobility can only happen from/to countries with which the University of Minho has approved projects.

Cooperation with third-countries

It allows the mobility of students, researchers, faculty and staff from/to institutions with which there are Cooperation Protocols signed with UMinho and where there are compatible study/internship/research/work plans of recognized quality. It should be noted that applications are analyzed on a case-by-case basis and will always be subject to acceptance by the home/host university.

Almeida Garrett Programme

It allows the mobility of students and offers the possibility of carrying out a period of study at a national host university. The exchange of students under the program can be done with all Portuguese Higher Education Institutions with a seat on the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP). Student mobility also covers internships, end-of-course works or final projects as long as these activities are part of the course curriculum at the home university.

Iacobus Programme

It allows the mobility of teaching and research staff, pre-doctoral or post-doctoral researchers with a current research link (integrated in a research group) and administrative and service staff. The exchange is carried out between the Universities of Galicia (University of Santiago de Compostela, University of Vigo and University of Coruña) and higher education institutions in the northern region of Portugal.

Advanced Scientific PhD Internship

Scientific research works aimed at candidates for a PhD degree in another higher education institution, national or foreign, according to a project approved by the Scientific Council of the School of Medicine that is part of one of the branches of knowledge and in its specialty, if any, in which the School of Medicine confers a doctorate degree.

Post-doctoral training

Its aim is to carry out advanced scientific research work, by holders of a doctoral degree, whether national or foreign, and is part of one of the branches of knowledge and its specialty, if any, in which the School of Medicine confers a doctorate degree.

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